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Flashcard #1:
Computer Hardware and How to Shut Down Your Computer
Susie Tutor Susie Tutor says:
"Your mouse is a helpful device that you use to communicate with your computer!"
Computer Hardware

CD-ROM: You probably have a CD-ROM (stands for compact disc read-only memory) for your CDs. Software programs often come on CDs.

Floppy Drive: A floppy disk drive is a part of the computer hardware. Floppy disks are used for saving information.

Modem:It's a piece of hardware that allows you to connect to the Internet.
  1. Click on the Start button on your Windows taskbar (see Flashcard 2). When a menu pops up, click on Turn Off
  2. A message box like this will appear. Make sure that Turn Off has been selected.
  3. Next click the OK button on the message box. Now wait for a few moments as your computer shuts down
Picture of 'Shut Down' window
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