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Flashcard Basic Tutorials #1: Windows Basics

Picture of Susie Tutor Card 1: Computer hardware; also, shutting down the computer.

Card 2: The desktop, icons, the taskbar, and the mouse.

Card 3: Display Properties: Customize Your Desktop

Card 4: Using the Mouse: left and right buttons; clicking; hovering.

Card 5: The start button and its menu of choices.

Card 6: Setting the Clock

Card 7: Three important buttons: minimize, maximize, and close. What's a window, a title bar, a menu bar, toolbars?

Card 8: What are scroll bars? Moving and resizing a window.

Card 9: Dialog boxes: tabs, scrolling lists, check boxes, down arrow, etc.

Card 10: Changing your mouse settings; using the volume control.

Card 11: Susie's tips: logo key; computer freezes; the one click desktop.

Card 12: Highlighting text; using directional keys to move the insertion point.

Card 13: Using shortcut icons; working with text; deleting text and graphics; inserting text.

Card 14: Exploring the computer's filing system.

Card 15: Understanding the path of a file and how to find a file by it's path.

Card 16: How to save a file.

Card 17: Common computer terms and their meaning.

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