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Flashcard #5: The START Button and It's Menu of Choices
Susie Tutor says:
"When you don't know where to start, click on your 'Start' button." Picture of START button
Picture of Susie Tutor

After you click on the START button
and a pop up menu appears, then:

   Click on  Picture of SHUT DOWN button  to start the shut down process.

   Click on  Picture of HELP button  when you have a question.

   Click on  Picture of Search button  to find the location of a file you might have lost.

   Click on  Picture of RUN button  to sometimes run or install programs.

   Click on  Picture of Control Panel button  to go to the Control Panel, etc.

   Click on  Picture of PROGRAMS button  to access your various programs,
      accessories, system tools, etc.

Handy Tip: If your keyboard has a Windows logo key, you can press it to bring up the Start menu! Note: Look for it on the bottom row of your keyboards. Picture of Microsoft logo shortcut key

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