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Flashcard #16: How to save a file

Picture of Susie Tutor Susie Tutor says:
"You can save your files to the computer's hard drive or to a floppy disk if the file is small. "

Saving A File In the Computer Files
'Save As' box When you want to save a file and the 'save in' box appears, follow the five steps shown here in the pictures and to the side of the lower picture.

3. When [C:] appears in the "Save in" box, it's folders appear in the space below.

Find the folder where you plan to put the file you're saving.***

Double click on it to make it appear in the "Save in:" box (to replace [C:] ).

For example, you can double click on the
"My Documents" Folder if you want to save your file in that folder.
'Save As' box

***Note: You might have to use the scroll bar to find the folder that you're looking for.

'Save As' box If you want to save a file to a 3½ floppy disk, here's how. When you get to step 2, select 3½ floppy disk instead of the [C:] drive.
Skip step 3.
Perform steps 4 and 5.
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