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Flashcard #4: Mouse Facts

Picture of Susie Tutor Susie Tutor says:
"You use the mouse buttons by clicking on them, pressing and releasing the buttons. Sometimes you have to double click. You have to press and release the button twice in quick succession."

The left button is used to select stuff.
The right button is used to bring up a menu of command words.
Picture of computer mouse

Picture of spaceship Your mouse can hover without ever leaving the mouse pad. If you slide its pointer over an object, many times a name will appear. Try it: hold the mouse cursor over the time setting on the Start taskbar. Wait a bit. The date appears.

You can also use the mouse to
d- r- a- g
objects around on the desktop.
Try it: position your mouse cursor over a desktop icon. Click and hold down the left button as move your mouse. Drag the icon to another place on the desktop.
Arrow pointing to the right

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