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Flashcard #9: Dialog boxes: tabs, scrolling lists, check boxes, down arrow, etc.

Picture of Susie Tutor Susie Tutor says:
"Sorry, but the dialog box below is just a picture! Clicking on it won't do anything. You have to open the real thing!"

Dialog boxes give you a way of making choices in a program. The box below is a picture, but in an actual dialog box, you use your mouse to interact with the window. Here are some of the things you'll be able to do!

Click on tabs!

Use the scroll bar to check out a list!

Click on check boxes!

Use the preview to see your changes in action!
Picture of a dialog box Need help? Click on '?' and then click on an item like 'font.'

Click on the down arrow. A drop down list appears from which you can select an item.

Important note! Click on the command word OK to activate your choices.
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